This page shows corrections appropriations in 44 states for fiscal years 2010 and 2011. You can view those states’ corrections allocations and recent changes in funding sources, including stimulus monies from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA).

Vera’s Center on Sentencing and Corrections collected this data for the report The Continuing Fiscal Crisis in Corrections: Setting a New Course. Budget appropriations are shown only for the 44 states that participated in a survey Vera conducted in the summer of 2010.


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Appropriations: funds designated for a specific use by a governing body, such as a state legislature

Expenditures: the amount of money spent on operations and other projects

Federal Funds: also known as federal aid, these funds are provided by the federal government, typically in the form of grants and loans, and directly support public services. In recent fiscal years, this aid includes ARRA funds. For this dashboard, a separate category for ARRA funds has been created to distinguish between these funds and other federal funds. Note that stimulus funding in effect skews general fund figures when comparing them to the previous year’s figures.

General Funds: a state’s primary revenues gained from taxes, including personal and corporate income, sales, and capital gains taxes

Other State Funds: funds restricted for a specific purpose and established under laws, ordinances, and/or legislation

Source: Vera Institute of Justice, Center on Sentencing and Corrections, Fiscal Year 2011 Corrections Appropriations Survey.