Projects: Promising Practices Initiative

Significant advances in our country’s responses to violence against women have occurred since the passage of the landmark federal Violence Against Women Act of 1994. Unfortunately, many practitioners working to address violence against women do not have ready access to information about successful approaches that could enhance their efforts. The Promising Practices Initiative led a national effort for the U.S. Department of Justice, Office on Violence Against Women to identify and share promising practices that were developed since 1994 to address domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.

Within the United States, a variety of systems and programs address violence against women. These range from grassroots service providers to the criminal justice system to the health care industry. Survivors who access these systems have diverse experiences and backgrounds. The Promising Practices Initiative sought to identify an array of effective practices that these service providers could use to respond to survivors’ individual needs.

Vera staff worked closely with practitioners, policymakers, and other experts in the field on this initiative. We reviewed literature and other materials, conducted interviews, and convened panels of experts to identify interventions that work. Project staff conducted additional interviews and site visits to gather detailed information about each practice that was identified.

The importance of this work

The Promising Practices Initiative created a collection of on-line and print materials about these approaches. Vera staff tailored the information to match the needs and realities of specific practitionersadvocates, law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and othersso they could adapt and adopt particular approaches to enhance the effectiveness of their work with survivors and others affected by violence against women.

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