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The Incarceration Trends project features an new interactive data tool—available at trends.vera.org—that collates and analyzes publically available, but disparately located, data about incarceration. This tool can be used for reference and measurement by justice system stakeholders and others looking to understand how their jail is being used, how it compares with others, and spot problem areas—such as excessive growth or racial or ethnic disparities. As part of the project, Vera also published a report summarizing the major findings of a historical analysis, using the tool, of American jails.



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Harold Hongju Koh, Legal Adviser for the U.S. Department of State, delivered Vera's 2012 Justice Address on November 8, at The Paley Center for Media in New York City. Koh, a leading expert on international law, spoke about the history of international criminal justice from Nuremberg to the present. John Savarese, chair of Vera's Board of Trustees, presented Koh with the Vera Institute of Justice Commemorative Award. Vera's Justice Address features a prominent national figure who explores important criminal and social justice issues of our time. Previous speakers include Nicholas deB Katzenbach, James B. Comey, and Eric H. Holder, Jr.


Just 'Cause is the quarterly newsletter of the Vera Institute of Justice and is produced by the Communications Department. This issue includes the following articles:

  • "Vera Helps United Nations Find and Use Data in Unlikely Places," by Alice Chasan;
  • "South African Initiative Flourishes 11 Years On," by Jules Verdone;
  • From Vera's Director: "Vera Redefines Its International Work," by Michael Jacobson;
  • "Cultivating Empirically Based Justice Reform in China," by Alice Chasan;
  • Q&A with Monica Thornton, director of the international program, interview by Alice Chasan; and
  • News & Announcements; Upcoming Events

A new approach to violent crime in Brooklyn by Jill Pope -- Accessing Safety Initiative expands work into criminal justice system by Abbi Leman -- From Vera's Director: Bringing clarity to a clouded issue by Michael Jacobson -- City budget cuts force closure of Adolescent Reentry Initiative by Nicole Lemon -- Q&A with Ruth Parlin, Director of Information Management, interviewed by Nicole Lemon -- Researchers present at ABA’s World Justice Forum -- News and announcements


In recent years, performance indicators have emerged as a promising tool for tracking progress in key areas of governance, including the rule of law. With support from the American Bar Association’s World Justice Project, the Vera Institute of Justice partnered with three fellow Altus Global Alliance members to develop a set of 60 rule of law indicators—concrete measures designed to assess an abstract concept—and test them in four cities: Chandigarh, India; Lagos, Nigeria; Santiago, Chile; and New York City, U.S. This pilot project shows that a single set of indicators can be flexible enough to be used in extremely diverse jurisdictions internationally yet concrete enough to be meaningful to local policy makers, justice system professionals, and members of civil society.


International project develops rule of law indicators by Abbi Leman -- Partner profile: Milwaukee DA focuses on reducing racial disparities by Bree Nordenson -- From Vera's Director: Reform without evidence? by Michael Jacobson -- Bringing cost-benefit analysis to criminal justice planning by Patrick Kelly -- Q&A with Ernest Duncan, Chief Financial Officer and Chief Operating Officer -- Standing room only at second annual justice address by Bree Nordenson -- News and announcements


Upcoming event: Vera’s second annual benefit event --- Vera assists Chinese policymakers in justice system reform by Patrick Kelly --- National Public Safety Project selects Vera as partner to support states by Patrick Kelly --- From the Director: A call for reasoned responses to sex offenses by Michael Jacobson --- News and announcements --- Colleagues pay tribute to Chief Program Officer leaving Vera after a decade of work (Nicholas Turner) --- Q&A with Neil Weiner, Director of Research --- Nicholas Katzenbach to give first annual Justice Address --- Suggestions to make your summer reading a little more just


This video, produced to commemorate Vera's 45th anniversary, highlights the many ways Vera has worked over the years in partnership with leaders in government and civil society to make the systems people rely on for justice and safety fairer and more effective. Featured projects and programs include the Guardianship Project, Adolescent Portable Therapy, the Prosecution and Racial Justice Program and the Accessing Safety Initiative.


International media cover Vera report on relations between law enforcement and Arab Americans after 9/11 by Van Luu -- Guardianship Project helps adults in its care live independently by Andrea Weitz -- From the Director: Major changes in criminal justice prompt change in how Vera works by Michael Jacobson -- Four new publications cap the Judicial Oversight Demonstration Initiative by Robin Campbell -- Q&A With Ivan Komaritsky, Altus Representative for Eastern Europe -- Outgoing chair honored -- News and announcements